Spreading love and lighting future -- Fuyuan Group work on child caring


On the occasion of the "六一" International Children's day, Fuyuan Group give more than 7000 CNY worth of daily necessities and good wishes to 

children's in the Welfare Institute of Banyan Nur City in Inner Mongolia on May 26th, which helps children truly feel love from the society.


In growth of Fuyuan Group, Fuyuan people actively participate in charity, undertake it’s social responsibility, during 29 years charity activities, 

donation reaches more than 800 million CNY.  "caring about charity, willing to give dedication, honouring commitment" become a part of Fuyuan 

Group's corporate culture gradually.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuyuan Group, Fuyong company adheres this spirit, actively undertakes social responsibility, adheres to the 

public's commitment to food safety, and has accumulated good brand reputation for many years. In future, Fuyong company will continue to take

 the initiative to assume the social responsibility of a food enterprises and maintain food safety for public.


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