Best Raw Material

100% hand-picked tomato from HETAO plain between 40 degrees and 42 degrees north latitude, gives the freshness and pureness to Fuyong tomato.

HETAO plain is passed through by Yellow River. The irrigation water also comes from Yellow River which PH value is around 8.0.

Besides, the climate of this area is also appropriate for tomato growing. In this area, the summer is long and winter is short. The enough sunshine, adequate heat, obvious temperature differences between day and night are good for the accumulation of fruit sugar. And the fresh tomatoes are also famous for the high lycopene, high soluble solid content and less disease.

Besides, the fruits are all picked by hand. This method is less effective than machine-picking used in Xinjiang Province, but it ensures the ripeness and pureness of fruits. This is the first step to the excellent quality of tomato paste.

Professional Production

With more than 29 years accumulation of production experience and FBR-ELPO whole line equipment imported from Italy, Fuyong releases the pure taste of tomato perfectly.

Fuyong Company has a group of specialized outstanding stuff focusing on tomato processing for decades.

In addition, the scientific and highly-automated processing procedures ensure the consistency and wonderful quality.

Product Certification

With more than 29 years accumulation of production experience aIn pursuit of the commitment of excellence, Fuyong is underlined by ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC, Halal and  Kosher accreditation.

   ●ISO9001:2008 – Quality management System Certificate 

   ●ISO22000:2005 – Food Safety Management System Certificate  

   ●BRC: Global Standard for Food Safety Certificate 

   ●Halal: Halal Accreditation 

   ●Kosher: KOF-K Kosher Certificate

Full-Time Traceability

Every factory says they can make full-time traceability, while not every factory practices it. Fuyong Company not only has the paper work, but also practices it strictly in order to guarantee that all the tomato paste enjoyed by our clients is securely.

With the full-time traceability system, Fuyong has a scientific and precise control in every procedure on farming and production. 

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